Finger prostheses

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Finger prostheses

The Protez Studio facial prosthetics laboratory in Russia presents a new rehabilitation technology for patients with finger injuries (partial amputation) based on the use of cosmetic prostheses that are made of advanced silicone materials, resistant to wear and tear, contamination and high temperatures.

There are two types of attachment of finger prostheses to the stump: vacuum attachment (suction cup effect) and osseointegrated implants.

Individual cosmetic finger prostheses enable users to hide defects of their hand or foot, and help the patient to return to the usual way of life. They are also helpful in typing, writing, drawing, playing the piano, and performing everyday tasks. The use of prostheses helps to restore the grip function, to a certain extent.

This technology is widespread in Europe and the USA, but it is very rare in Russia. It should be noted that rehabilitation with the help of silicone finger prostheses is in some cases indispensable and makes it possible to achieve extraordinary aesthetic results, including full social rehabilitation of the patient. The main advantages over traditional reconstructive surgery are simplicity, predictability, and fast rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation technology based on the use of silicone finger prostheses suits patients of all ages – from little children to elderly people. Depending on the patient’s wishes, health status, age, specific case, state of bone tissue, etc., experts and patients together will individually select a suitable way of finger prosthesis attachment.